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Dear Member of The Cliometric Society:

Spring is just around the corner, which means that it is time for the annual call for membership renewal. The university has upgraded its registration software. The bad news is, it is brand new, so there may be some kinks. Please bear with me and let me know if you experience any trouble. The good news is that the system will now allow you to register your information, which means next year when it is time to renew the process will be much quicker. If your information has not changed, all you will need to do is select your membership status and journal choices and proceed with payment.

The new online registration system can be found at: The online site will allow you to add membership in the EHES, subscribe to Explorations in Economic History and/or Cliometrica, vote for new members of the Clio Board of Trustees, and nominate individuals for consideration for election to the board. While you may renew your membership at any time, voting for the Board of Trustees will end on May 1st. Timely renewal allows you to receive your newsletters and journals without interruptions. The membership renewal system is housed on a secure server at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

If you prefer to renew via mail or fax, you can download the fillable PDF membership renewal form. If you renew on the website you will receive a confirmation email with the total amount to be charged to your credit card after you have finished the renewal process. If you renew by mail or fax and provide an email address, your receipt will be emailed to you. Note that if you vote by mail or fax your renewal must be postmarked by May 1st in order for your trustee ballot to be counted. I look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Cliometric Society for another year, and hope to see you at the annual conference, or at one of the sessions we sponsor at the WEAI meetings or the ASSA meetings each year.


Melissa Thomasson
Executive Director

Explorations in Economic History

The Cliometric Society provides members with the opportunity to subscribe to Explorations in Economic History, published by Elsevier. Explorations in Economic History publishes a wide range of articles that apply economic models and quantitative techniques to historical economies. The journal has a tradition of innovative applications of both economic theory and quantitative techniques, and it explores all aspects of economic and institutional change, all historical periods, all geographical locations, and all political and social systems. The editor welcomes submissions on these topics. Articles will be subject to the journal's peer review process. From time to time the journal publishes "special issues" devoted to specific topics. Scholars interested in putting together a special issue are invited to query the editor. Special issues are subject to the same peer review process as regular issues.

Cliometrica - Journal of Historical Economics and Econometric History

The Association Franšaise de Cliometrie, with support from The Cliometric Society, sponsors Cliometrica, published by Springer-Verlag and edited by Claude Diebolt provides a leading forum for the exchange of ideas and research in all facets, in all historical periods and in all geographical locations of historical economics. The journal encourages the methodological debate, the use of economic theory in general and model building in particular, the reliance upon quantification to buttress the models with historical data, the use of the more standard historical knowledge to broaden the understanding and suggesting new avenues of research, and the use of statistical theory and econometrics to combine models with data in a single consistent explanation. The highest standards of quality are promoted. All articles will be subject to Cliometrica's peer review process. On occasion, specialized topics may be presented in a special issue.

European Historical Economics Society

The European Historical Economics Society has been registered since 1995 with the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales and is concerned with the advancement of education in European Economic History through the study of European economies and economic history. It is also concerned with disseminating learning by holding conferences and summer schools and through the Society journal, the European Review of Economic History.