Third World Congress of Cliometrics

July 10-13, 1997 Munich, Germany

Program in order of presentation

An underlined name represents a link to the paper abstract, where provided by the author(s). Abstracts are also archived in the Abstracts in Economic History library of this server.

Thursday 10th July

2.00-3.30 pm Parallel Sessions 1 and 2

1A: S. Broadberry (University of Warwick)
How did the United States and Germany become Richer than Britain:
A Sectoral Comparison of Productivity Levels, 1870-1990

1B: M. Shanahan and M. Correll (University of South Australia)
In Search of Kuznets' Curve: A Reexamination of the Distribution of
Wealth in the United States between 1650 and 1950

2A: J. H. Brown (Georgia Southern University)
Contracts versus Price Discrimination: The SONJ Case

2B: B. Gupta (University of St. Andrews)
The International Tea Cartel in the Great Depression:
Response of Firms in India, Ceylon and Indonesia

4.00-5.30 pm Parallel Sessions 3 and 4

3A: P. Lains (University of Lisbon)
Exports from Third Europe: Portugal, 1850-1914

3B: G. Federico (University of Pisa) and A. Tena (University Carlos III, Madrid)
Was Italy a Protectionist Country?

4A: P. Hoffman (California Institute of Technology), G. Postel-Vinay (INRA-EHESS, Paris) and J-L. Rosenthal (University of California-Los Angeles)
What do Notaries do? Overcoming Asymmetric Information in Financial Markets:
The Case of Paris, 1751

4B: P-C. Hautcoeur (Rutgers University)
Information Asymmetries, Agency Costs, and the Financing of French Firms, 1890-1939

5.30-6.15 pm Invited Lecture (Nicholas F.R. Crafts, London School of Economics)

7:00-8.30 pm Reception at the Residenz
Welcome Speech: Rudolf Klinger
State Secretary of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Art

Friday 11th July

8.30-10.00 am Parallel Sessions 5 and 6

5A: T. Dick (University of Lethbridge) and J. Floyd (University of Toronto)
Capital Imports and the Jacksonian Economy:
A New View of the Balance of Payments

5B: M. Haupert (University of Wisconsin-La Crosse) and H. Bodenhorn (Lafayette College)
The Question of Note Issue in American Free Banks

6A: P. Solar (Free University of Brussels)
The Birth And Death Of European Flax, Hemp And Jute Spinning Firms:
The Irish And Belgian Cases

6B: J. Foreman-Peck and E. Boccaletti (University of Oxford)
The Supply of and Demand for French Entrepreneurship in the 19th Century

10.30 am-12 pm Parallel Sessions 7 and 8

7A: A. Klug (Ben-Gurion University) and E. White (Rutgers University)
How Could Irving Fisher Have Been So Wrong?
Forecasting the Great Depression with Evidence from the Railroad Shippers� Forecasts

7B: P. Fishback and S. Kantor (University of Arizona)
The Political Economy of New Deal Expenditures: A Preliminary and Exploratory Investigation

8A: L. Brandt and A. Hosios (University of Toronto): Abstract not submitted.
Credit and Insurance in Rural China

8B: S. Kurosu (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
Marriage, Fertility and Economic Correlates in 19th Century Japan

1.00-2.30 pm Parallel Sessions 9 and 10

9A: G. Clark (University of California-Davis)
The Tragedy of the Commons Revisited:
Efficiency and Institutional Evolution as Illustrated by the English Common Fields

9B: G. Grantham (McGill University)
On the Macroeconomics of Pre-Industrial Economies

10A: A. Seltzer (Melbourne University)
The Nature and Causes of White-Collar Internal Labor Markets:
Historical Evidence from the Union Bank of Australia

10B: I. Garskova ( Moscow Lomonossov University): Unable to attend.
Ethnic Discrimination and Job Segregation in the Labor Market in the
Baku Oil Industry (Late 19th and Early 20th Century)

R. Rees, U. Woitek (Munich), and N.V. Long (Montreal)
The Puzzle of Slave Heights in Ante-bellum America

Saturday 12th July

8.30-10.00 am Parallel Sessions 11 and 12

11A: M. Flandreau and J. Le Cacheux (OFCE)
Central Bank Independence and Market Discipline
Under the European Gold Standard 1880-1914

11B: C. Hefeker (University of Basle)
The Political Economy of Fiscal Federalism: The German Reich from Unification to Default

12A: J. Mokyr (Northwestern University) and C. OGrada (University College Dublin)
Famine Disease and Famine Mortality: Lessons from the Irish Experience, 1845-1850

12B: R. McGuire (University of Akron) and P. Coelho (Ball State University)
An Exploratory Essay on the Role of Diseases in the Economics and History of American Slavery

10.30 am-12 pm Parallel Sessions 13 and 14

13A: M. Bordo (Rutgers University) and R. MacDonald (University of Strathclyde)
The �Rules of the Game� and the Credibility of the Classical Gold Standard, 1880-1914

13B: N. Sussman and Y. Rubinstein (Hebrew University)
Exchange Rate Regimes, Inflationary Expectations, Fisher's Hypothesis and the Gibson Paradox:
Evidence from the British Consol Market, 1790-1825

14A: J.C. Brown (Clark University)
Job Tenure and Employment Structure during High Industrialization:
The Case of Germany before World War I

14B: W. Collins (Harvard University)
Wages and Labor Market Integration in Late 19th Century India

1.00-2.30 pm Parallel Sessions 15 and 16

15A: L. Alston (University of Illinois), G. Libecap (University of Arizona) and Bernard Muller (University of Brasilia)
Property Rights and Land Conflict:
A Comparison of Settlement of the US Western and Brazilian Amazon Frontiers

15B: R. Sicotte (Carlos III University, Madrid) and Cataline Vizcarra (University of Illinois)
The Spanish Royal Tobacco Monopoly in the Viceroyalty of Peru, 1752-1813

16A: V. Tassenaar (University of Gronigen) and J. Drukker (Delft University of Technology)
The Case of the Shrinking Dutchmen:
Another Example of the Early Industrial Growth Puzzle

16B: J. Baten (University of Munich)
Economic Development and the Distribution of Nutritional Resources in Bavaria, 1797-1839:
An Anthropometric Study

2.30-4.00 pm Parallel Sessions 17 and 18

17A: A. Ritschl (Pompeu Fabra University)
Nazi Economic Imperialism and the Exploitation of the Small:
Evidence for Germany's Secret Foreign Exchange Records, 1938-1944

17B: T. Yousef (Harvard University)
Egyptian Cotton Policy in the Interwar Period: A Bayseian Perspective

18A: J. Ojala (University of Jyvaskyla)
Profitability and Productivity of Shipping by Sail in the Long-run:
The Case of Finland, 1750-1914

18B: M. Botticini (Northwestern University)
A Loveless Economy? Intergenerational Altruism and the Dowry System
in a Tuscan Town, c. 1415-1436>

4.30-5.15 pm Invited Lecture (Jeffrey G. Williamson, Harvard University)

Sunday 13th July

8.30-10.00 am Parallel Sessions 19 and 20

19A: M. Cha (Yeungnam University)
Integration and Segmentation in International Markets for Rice and Wheat, 1877-1994

19B: U. Woitek (University of Munich)
Integration of Grain Markets in Pre-Industrial Southern Germany

20A: J. Ferrie ( Northwestern University)
Migration to the Frontier in Mid-Nineteenth Century America:
A Re-examination of Turner's "Safety Valve"

20B: S. Wegge (Lake Forest College)
To Part or Not to Part: Emigration and Inheritance Institutions in 19th-Century Hesse-Cassel

10.30 am-12.00 pm Parallel Sessions 21 and 22

21A: L. Davis (California Institute of Technology) and L. Neal (University of Illinois)
Micro Rules and Macro Outcomes:
The Impact of the Structure of Organizational Rules on the Efficiency of Security Exchanges:
London, New York, and Paris, 1800-1914

21B: M. Pammer (University of Linz)
Austrian Capital in Hungary, 1850-1914

22A: J. Roses (European University Institute)
The Early Phases of Catalan Industrialisation: A Growth Accounting Approach, 1830-1861

22B: J. Treble (University of Wales, Bangor)
Productivity in British Coal Mining:
Evidence from Microdata, Co. Durham, 1890-93