Papers Scheduled for Presentation
World Congress of Cliometrics
Montreal 2000

Alston, Lee J., University of Illinois, and Joseph P. Ferrie, Northwestern University
Up and Down the Agricultural Ladder: Individual, Community, and Governmental Influences

Baten, Joerg, University of Munich/CESifo
Creating Firms for a New Century: Determinants of Firm Creation in Southern Germany around 1900

Borodkin, Leonid and Elena Safonova, Moscow State University
Dynamics of Skill Premia In the Nep Period: from payments in kind to differentiation of wages

Boyer, George R., Cornell University, and Timothy J. Hatton, University of Essex
New Estimates Of British Unemployment, 1870-1913

Cloutier, L. Martin, Ag Education & Consulting, LLC, and Paul J. Thomassin, McGill University
The Influence of Microstructure on Macrobehavior in the Evolution of Quebec's Seigneurial Tenure, 17th-19th Centuries: A System Dynamics Perspective

Collins, William J., Vanderbilt University
The Political Economy of Race in the United States, 1940-1960: State-Level Fair Employment Legislation

Craig, Lee, Barry Goodwin, and Thomas Grennes, North Carolina State University
Mechanical Refrigeration and the Integration of Perishable Commodity Markets

DiMatteo, Livio, Lakehead University
Structure and Determinants of Asset Portfolios of 19th Century Wealth Holders

Dye, Alan, Barnard College, and Sumner LaCroix, Barnard/Hawaii
The Political Economy of Land Privatization in Argentina: 1810-1890

Emery, Herb, University of Calgary
The Extent of the Canadian Labour Market before 1930

Federico, Giovanni, European University Institute
How did they feed us? World agricultural output in the long run, 1800-1951

Ferderer, Peter, and Kyle Richey, Macalester College
Financial Crises and the Provision of Liquidity: The Role of Market-Makers in the Great Depression

Flandreau, Marc, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, and Pierre Sicsic, Banque de France
Microstructure and Efficiency : The Paris Market for Call Money 1870-1914

Fohlin, Caroline, California Institute of Technology
The Interlocking of Bank and Industry Boards in Pre-War Germany: Asset or Liability?

Fraser, Monika Pohle, European University Institute, Florence
Noisy Optimists. Risk- and Information Management in Banks. The case of Germany and France in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries

Hautcoeur, Pierre-Cyrille, Universite d'Orleans and DELTA, and Michael Bordo, Rutgers University
Who was right-Poincari or Churchill?: The cost and benefits of French and British macro-economic policies after World War One.

Hoffman, Philip T., California Institute of Technology, Gilles Postel-Vinay, EHESS and INRA, and Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, UCLA
Information and Credit Markets: The Example of Paris in 1851

Huberman, Michael Universite de Montreal, and Denise Young, University of Alberta
Towards a general model of strike activity: Labour disputes in Canada, 1920-1939

James, John A., University of Virginia, and Christopher Hanes, Federal Reserve Board/University of Mississippi
Low Inflation and Nominal Rigidity, 1940-1995

Johnson, Ryan Spencer, University of Arizona
The Black Industrial Experience In Pennsylvania, 1916-1950.

Kantor, Shawn, Price Fishback, University of Arizona, and Michael Haines, Colgate University
The Impact of the New Deal on the Socioeconomic Status of Children: An Analysis of Infant Mortality During the Great Depression

Libecap, Gary, and Zeynep Hanson, University of Arizona
Rain Follows the Plow: The Climate Information Problem and Homestead Failure in the Upper Great Plains, 1900-1930

Lindert, Peter, University of California-Davis
The Political Economy of Mass Schooling before 1914

MacKinnon, Mary, McGill University, and Alan Green, Queen's University
British Immigrants in Canada, 1901:
The view from the east and the last, best west

Margo, Robert, Vanderbilt University, Jeremy Atack, Vanderbilt University, Fred Bateman, University of Georgia
Rising Wage Dispersion in American Manufacturing, 1860 to 1880

Minns, Chris, University of Essex
English language skills and labour market performance among American immigrants in 1910

Mitch, David, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
How Much Can Human Capital Explain?

Morris, Cynthia Taft, Smith College and American University
World Capitalist Growth Patterns: The Myth of the Convergence of Living Standards

Norrie , Kenneth and Rick Szostak, University of Alberta
Institutional Change in the Newfoundland Inshore Fishery

Oxley, Les, University of Waikato, and David Greasley, University of Edinburgh
Measuring New Zealand's GDP 1865-1933: A Cointegration-Based Approach

Paterson, Donald G. and Ronald A. Shearer, University of British Columbia
Prices and the Transmission of Cycles in the North Atlantic Economy of the Mid-19th Century: The Canadian Case

Ritschl, Albrecht, University of Zurich and Universitat Pompeu Fabra,
Did Monetary Forces Cause the Great Depression? A Bayesian VAR Analysis for the U.S. Economy

Roses, Joan R., Universidad Carlos III
Why Isn't the Whole Spain Industrialized? The Concentration of Spanish Manufacturing During the Early Industrialisation

Salomatina, Sonya, Moscow Lomonosov State University
The Russian commercial banks and their client networks, 1864-1917

Schulze, Max-Stephan, Philip Epstein, and Peter Howlett, London School of Economics
Distribution Dynamics: Stratification, Polarization and Convergence among OECD Economies, 1900-1992

Steckel, Richard H., Ohio State University, and Joseph M. Prince, University of Tennessee
Tallest in the World: Native Americans of the Great Plains in the Nineteenth Century

Sundstrom, William, Santa Clara University
From Servants to Secretaries: African-American Women in the U.S. Labor Market, 1940-1980

Tena, Antonio, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Measuring Protection Over Time. Revenue and Protective Products in the History of 19th Century Commercial Policy

Thomasson, Melissa, Miami University
From Sickness to Health: The Development of Health Insurance in the United States

Tirado, Daniel A., Universitat de Barcelona, Elisenda Paluzie, Universitat de Barcelona, and Jordi Pons
Economic integration and industrial location, Catalonia, the Spanish factory: when and why?

Wallis, John, University of Maryland
Constitutional Restrictions on Government Debt

White, Eugene, Rutgers
Making the French Pay: The Costs and Consequences of the Napoleonic Reparations

Wilson, Stuart, Queen's University at Kingston, Ontario
Immigration and Capital Accumulation in Canada, 1870-1913

Ziliak, Stephen T., Emory University
By Foot, By Ford, By Horse, By Hearse: In and Out of America's Almshouses, 1880-1923

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