Awards and Honors

Fellows of the Cliometric Society

Clio Can Award Winners

Jeremy AtackLou CainLance DavisStan Engerman

Price FishbackRobert GallmanClaudia GoldinGeo Grantham

Knick C. HarleyNaomi LamoreauxPeter LindertRobert Margo

Donald McCloskeyJoel MokyrLarry Neal

Alan Olmsted Roger Ransom

Rick SteckelGavin WrightRichard Sutch

Richard SyllaJohn Wallis

Tom Weiss Jeff WilliamsonSam Williamson

Paul RhodeCraig Lee

Lee Alston  Tim Hatton  Ann Carlos

Fellows of the Cliometric Society

Undergraduate Economic History Paper Prizes

Cliometric Society Undergraduate Economic History Paper Prizes

1995 Honorable Mention paper, "Fiscal and Monetary Policy and Inflation: The Confederate States 1861-1865" by Ari Gerstle, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

1996 First Prize paper, "Differential Tolerances and Accepted Punishments for Disobedient Indentured Servants and Their Masters in Colonial Courts" by Melissa A. Roe, Lafayette College.

1997 First Prize Paper, "White Flight: The Effect of Minority Presence on Post-World War II Suburbanization" by Eric Bickford, University of California-Berkeley.

1999 First Prize Paper, "Unemployment Relief Distribution in the Bay Area During the Depression" by Charmaine Go, University of California-Berkeley.