The Cliometric Society

Fifth World Congress of Cliometrics

Venice International University • Venice, Italy
July 8-11, 2004


The Fifth World Congress of Cliometrics will be held July 8-11, 2004, at Venice International University, Venice, Italy. The Program Committee has put together an international program from the proposals sent by applicants to the conference.

The Conference will be held on the island of San Servolo, Venice, in the premises of Venice International University (VIU). The latter is a joint venture of six universities (Autonoma de Barcelona, Duke, LMU Munich, Tel Aviv, Waseda (Tokyo), Venice Architecture, and Venice Ca'Foscari) with the Province of Venice and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio DI Venezia. The island, only seven minutes by boat from St. Mark's Square, consists of 11 acres of park, a beautifully restored 16th-century Benedictine convent and various residences.

All members of sponsoring organizations will be invited to attend. Advance registration will be open and conducted starting in January. Due to space limitations, those interested in attending and staying on the island should register by February 15, 2004. Online registration will remain open until June 20, 2004.

As with the Annual Cliometrics Conference and the previous World Congresses, papers will be published in the Congress Book, and participants will receive their copies of the Congress Book in advance. Sessions will be held in the traditional Cliometrics Conference format: instead of formal presentations, authors will provide a brief introduction to their work followed by an extended period of discussion involving all session participants. Thus, participants will be expected to read the papers prior to the Congress.

  • Participants will be expected to pay for their own expenses to the conference and for the registration fee.
  • Room and board at the Congress site will be included in a package deal; however, the Congress site has a limited number of rooms available. The committee will give preference to authors of the papers selected for presentation. Depending on the number of registrants and the availability of rooms, some registrants may have to make their own reservations in Venice.
  • Complete information about registration and lodging and the Congress Registration Form is available on this site. Applicants are encouraged to use the registration form on this web site, but will be able to submit the required information via e-mail, fax or post.

    ***** PLEASE NOTE: *****

    On-line registration is now closed. Participants may still register onsite.

    No more rooms are available at the conference center on San Servolo. Please see the information on alternative accommodations on the Travel and Accommodations page.

Congress Site
Travel and Accommodations

The Fifth World Congress of Cliometrics is sponsored by the following organizations:

The Cliometric Society
European Historical Economics Society
The Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand
The Canadian Network for Economic History

Organizing and Program Committee:

Lee A. Craig
Price Fishback
Albrecht Ritschl
Gianni Toniolo